• CLUE-ANON board game test

    SUNDAY!  We will be doing a playtest of CLUE-ANON (the deduction/bluffing game about why conspiracies are dangerous and fun) at 7pm!  Soup, salad, bread and wine will be served. 7-9 Moosdorfstr.  All welcome!

  • Discussion with artist Edgar Calel

    Edgar Calel in conversation with Eduardo Sebastian and Maju Vicentin.

    What are the potentialities of language, memory and presence in times of self-isolation, social distancing and physical absence? How can relationality and synchronicity be conceived and reconsidered in a digital and physical realm in a (post-)pandemic world? Renowned Kaqchikel artist Edgar Calel’s « knowledge-wisdom-understanding » appears as an invitation to approach fluid conceptions of body, territory, ancestrality and community as thresholds in constant movement and transformation. This process works precisely to foreground the invisible, the untranslatable, the ungraspable: all of which resist prejudice and Western epistemologies centered in rationality and materiality.

  • Women in the Tech Industry - A Panel Discussion

    This Tuesday: Yassir and Digital Arabia Network will present the stories of three female leaders who made it into the tech sector - taking very different paths but facing the same barriers, with many lessons learned along the way. The introduction session will be followed up by a lively discussion with our panel and audience moderated by Bassant Helmi, cofounder of Digital Arabia Network. 

    18h30: Digital Artist performance

    Yara Mekawei ► Sound artist | Sonic sculptor | Researcher

    19h: 3x Leadership paths

    19h30: Panel discussion with our speakers 

    20h15: Networking

  • Klimakneipe

    Die Klimakneipe berührt jeden Lebensbereich doch wir, die sich mit ihr beschäftigen, bleiben allzu oft in unserem eigenen Bereichen: Wissenschaft, Journalismus, Aktivismus, Wirtschaft, Politik. Um das zu ändern treffen wir uns.

    Es gibt keinen neuen Input, keinen Vortrag, das Programm sind wir selbst, sowie in einer guten Kneipe:

    Kennenlernen, Austausch. Wir freuen uns auf euch.

    Raphael, Klimajournalist und Autor

    Moritz, together for furture, Gründer Klimaliste Berlin

    Jessica, Transformationsforscherin und Autorin

  • film screening: Remember Me As Who I Was

    A collection of short films from young filmmakers in the Asian Diaspora. Come join for a night of films piecing together traces of names, places, faces, and past lives. // WITH FILMS BY: Seungjoon Lee, Shenghan Gao, Ayesha Bashir, June Kang, and Vivi Zhu

  • Moos Residency at Dokumenta 19 Begins

    Unsere Residenten nehmen an der Dokumenta 19 teil im Rahmen des Zukunftsdorf22

    Our Residents are taking part at the documenta 19 as part of Zukunftsdorf22